A Glimpse of Zhongguancun Life Science Park
Zhongguancun Life Science Park, as an important support for the main platform of Beijing International Technology Innovation Center” consisting of Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City, Changping Future Science City as well as Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a highland for the development of pharmaceutical and health industry that integrates four state-level functional zones, that is, Zhongguancun Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, National Comprehensive Demonstration Zone for the Expansion and Opening-up of the Service Industry, Free Trade Pilot Zone, and the core area of high-level talents in Beijing. After 20 years of development, the Park has attracted multiple state-level research and development institutions to have their presence here, brought together a group of globally top scientists and hundreds of high-level talents. There are more than 600 innovative pharmaceutical enterprises and over 300 high-end talents, including 21 academicians, 4 scholars supported by the Cheung Kong Scholars Programme, 50+ personnel entitled to special allowance from the State Council, 7 academician workstations, 20+ post-doctoral research centers, 10+ national engineering research centers and key laboratories, 16 R&D centers at provincial and ministerial level, and nearly 3,000 sickbeds in the medical institutions, thus forming the trend of bringing together the whole industry chain including basic research, R&D pilot test, production and circulation, and terminal healthcare. It has been built into one of the parks with the most concentrated innovation resources in the field of life science in China, which is an innovation engine for the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry in Beijing.
300 +
High-end talents
600 +
Innovative pharmaceutical enterprises
7 +
Academician workstations
21 +
Post-doctoral research centers
10 +
Academician workstations
R&D centers at provincial and ministerial level
Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park Biomedicine Technology Incubation Co., Ltd. is a professional incubator specializing in the field of biomedicine. Since its establishment, it has received dozens of licensing and qualifications granted by the government. In addition, it undertakes work related to Overseas Students Pioneer Park at Beijing Zhongguancun Life Science Park and the IPR Public Service Workstation at Changping District Life Science Park, offering incubation service for more than 140 well-known startup companies in the industry, such as BeiGene, Crown Bioscience, BerryGenomics, Novogene, Sironax, Biocytogen, MyGenostics, etc.
The international incubator ATLATL, a high-end platform for the acceleration of innovation projects, which aligns with the standards of top international biopharmaceutical R&D centers, initiated by Dr. Zhu Pengcheng, focusing on key subdivisions and emerging technology fields such as cell and gene therapy, miRNA, gene editing and synthetic biology. By introducing professional research teams, it aims to build a base for double transformation in international cooperation on cutting-edge technology and the industrialization of R&D results. Recently, ATLATL, together with SEQUANTA, has set up a sequencing center to better serve customers and contribute to more unicorn companies in Beijing.
Bio2, built and officially put into operation in 2021, focusing on the needs of scientists and entrepreneurs, puts emphasis on the transformation of early results in life and health and business incubation. Relying on the combined advantages of “professional carrier platform + abundant funding channels + active interactive information base”, Bio2 provides start-up teams with ready-to-use shared office space and professional shared experimental sites. At present, nearly 30 potential projects with global leading technologies have been reserved, and 44 innovation-oriented enterprises such as Sironax, Neural Galaxy, Shuimu Biosciences, Pulmongene Ltd., and Simcere have settled here.
Changping Life Valley Marathon Digital Medical Incubator is China’s first digital medical business incubator jointly initiated by BC-TID, Zhongguancun Life Science Park and Marathon Venture Partners. With the vision of making investment for accelerating the new generation of digital medical entrepreneurs and promoting global digital medical industry-university-research innovation, the incubator will focus on the development direction of digital healthcare and smart healthcare, such as AI healthcare, medical robot, genomics, digital therapy, insurance technology, committed to making full cooperation with the world’s top parks, medical centers, scientific research institutions and other ecological partners.
近日,随着2024年全球制药企业第一季度的财报陆续出炉,中关村生命科学园内企业诺和诺德以22%的同比业绩增长再次高居全球TOP3的位置。 2024年,适逢诺和诺德扎根中国的第三十载。这三十年里,诺和诺德深耕糖尿病治疗领域的同时,加速迈向更多疾病领域,如今诺和诺德正在围绕清晰的企业战略锚定创新航向,聚焦糖尿病、肥胖症、罕见病、心血管及其他严重慢性疾病四大核心领域,打造兼具纵深与广度的研发管线,并以前所未有的产能投入,全力应对全球患者不断增长的医疗需求。
“中国医学科学院北京脑和类脑研究院” “北京协和医学院脑和类脑学院”揭牌成立