The Life Science Park, aiming to enable those who have dreams to make achievements, has been committed to providing an independent and innovative scientific research ecology to attract talents both near and far. Currently, the spaces of Phase I and Phase II of the Park are basically fully occupied, and the construction of Phase III of the Park is being planned. The Phase III Project is the main front of the Life Valley in the functional system of "Two Valleys and One Park" of the Future Science City, as well as the core area of the Science and Technology Innovation Area of the China (Beijing) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It will work closely to optimize the functional layout and development environment, complement the shortage of facilities for people's livelihood, promote the joint construction and sharing of facilities in the Park, promote the organic integration of industry, academia, research and trial, radiate and motivate the transformation and upgrading of the regional industrial structure, enable the shift from industrial parks to urban parks, and build a "Life Valley" innovation corridor with leading levels in the world.
   The Phase III of the Life Science Park project consists of nine land parcels A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and resettlement housing, with a total land area of about 368 ha. In July 2022, the municipal government approved the control plan for the Block of Life Science Park, providing the prerequisites for the development and construction of Phase III of the project. Currently, the Future Science City company is continuously promoting the development and construction of Phase III of the Life Science Park in accordance with the requirements at municipal and district levels.
In the future, Zhongguancun Life Science Park, by integrating the optimal policies, pooling the optimal resources, building the optimal environment and creating the optimal ecology, will be committed to building the Park into a demonstration highland for the transformation of cutting-edge pharmaceutical and healthcare technologies, so as to realize the transformation of leading scientific research achievements and the commercialization of heavy-weight products with global influence, and to continuously enhance the innovation leading power, industrial bearing power as well as the comprehensive competitiveness of the region.
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